Confidentiality Statement


 1. I shall not, without the explicit written consent, copy, reproduce, use or market for commercial use, modify or publish on other sites parts and elements of the content of the website, including but not limited to: uploaded images, software, sound, video and animation files, texts, data bases, graphs, drawings, commercial concepts, etc, as well as the way they are arranged and laid out on the site referred to above.

2. I have been informed and am fully aware that the company ‘Compass’ Ltd. is the owner of all intellectual property rights (copyright, trade marks, patents, etc.) established in connection with the elements described above, published on the site

3. I am fully aware and acknowledge that in the event of unauthorized copying, borrowing/using or marketing for commercial use, modifying or publishing on other sites elements from the content of the website, the company ‘Compass’ Ltd. has the right to take the necessary legal measures to obtain compensation for all damage incurred by it, as well as to prosecute me, including under the Criminal Code.