History of the Company

History of "Compass"

“Compass” is a Bulgarian company specialized in the production of meat, meat-vegetable, meatless and fish sterilized products. Its history dates back to 1996 when the company started production in its own small production facility. The mission which “Compass” set to itself at the very beginning of production was to provide only high quality food products which improve people’s quality of life. And it did not choose its name by accident but for the clear purpose of being a ‘compass’, showing the right direction on the market where the company decided to establish itself.

Production and responsibility

The production facility of “Compass” is located in the small picturesque village of Komarevo, in the north-west of Bulgaria. The company manufactures all its products in its own production facility, under constant monitoring and control. As a company fully aware of its responsibility to its customers, “Compass” manufactures only high-quality foods. In compliance with the requirements of the European Union, the company has introduced strict control measures at each stage of production. The company has introduced and complies with contemporary European standards.

The team

“Compass” employs loyal and experienced staff, united by the idea of creating food with no compromise as regards quality. The company strives to meet the expectations and cater for all the needs of its clients. In order to improve, “Compass” also relies on the efficient utilization of its resources, high-quality raw materials, dedicated team work and loyalty to its partners.


 “Compass” is a manufacturer developing its business with the long-term objectives in mind. It has been working to establish its brand since the company was set up, and today the very name of the company and product brands serve as a guaranty for quality and loyalty. The products of “Compass” are favourite items on the table of numerous Bulgarian families. Surveys of independent institutions show that to the consumer the Compass trade mark is one of the most popular, most preferable and most often used brands of food products. The findings of latest surveys carried out by Pragmatica and Nielsen evidence of the trust consumers have in these brands. They show that the brands of Compass are among the leading ones in each surveyed category.

Interesting survey findings