Mission and values

We are dedicated to producing and marketing high-quality food products which contribute to improving people’s lives!


We create and market high-quality food products which improve people’s quality of life! We wish you to be sure that when buying our products, you buy foods with excellent gustatory and nutritious qualities.


We shall continue to strive after further developing and improving our production and marketing experience, constantly defending our leading position through our main values:


The customers desire is our command, and quality is the basis of our work, our goal being providing value for money.


As people, we require full responsibility from ourselves; as professionals we support others in their responsibilities.


The mutual benefit is shared benefit, and the shared benefit is a prerequisite for long-lasting success.


We utilize our resources completely, wasting nothing and doing what we are really excellent at.


We need freedom in order to build our future. We need our consumers in order to stay free.