Are sterilized fish products suitable for children?

Yes, sterilized fish products are suitable for children and contribute to their proper and balanced diet. It is important for us to teach our children to have a varied diet and to consume fish because of its nutritious value.

Sterilized fish products are a good alternative to fresh fish – they are ready to be consumed directly or to be used as ingredients in a variety of dishes and salads, which we should include in our children’s menu.

What nutrients does fish contain?

The beneficial properties of fish are due mainly to the minerals it contains: phosphorus, sulphur, zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium, and omega 3 fatty acids.

What are the benefits of consuming fish products?

Sterilized fish is a very good alternative to fresh fish because the process of sterilization does not change its nutritious properties. Fish is healthy food which:

- Is low in saturated fats;
- Is high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to reducing the risk of disturbed heart rhythm and blockage of the arteries, and have a beneficial effect by reducing the levels of harmful fats;
- Contributes to maintaining the immune defence and is an excellent source of easily absorbed iron thus reducing the risk of anaemias;
- Contains in its meat a large quantity of phosphorus which is vital to the brain and the bone system of man;
- Is high in iodine, copper and manganese, needed for the normal metabolism;
- Makes the organism healthy, energetic and agile, when delicious and varied dishes made with fish and seafood are included in the diet on a regular basis.

Do Compass products contain any GMO?

NO: Compass  products do not contain GMO. The certificates for quality, presented by the licensed suppliers are our proof of that.

Do the meat and vegetables preserve their nutrients in sterilized meals?

YES: The products used in sterilized ready meals are either raw or wholly milled and the process of “cooking” occurs in the container itself. Thus the better part of nutrients available in the feedstock (meat, vegetables, pulses, spices), such as scents, richness of the meat etc. This way, our products maintain a constant level of quality, taste, durability and are ready for consumption at any time and in any place.

Are there any conservatives in sterilized ready meals in a metal container /can/?

NO: Sterilization is basically a process in which products are being heated, while closed in hermetic containers in pressure cookers at 113-121°С for 75-130 minutes and an exact pressure under which all microorganisms as well as their spores are destroyed.

What is the method of sterilization?

The sterilization of products is accomplished with a temperature over 100°С. This method allows the products to be preserved longer without getting bad, because the high temperature that they’re exposed on destroys all the microorganisms and their spores, which are the cause for decaying.

Is the pate suitable for kids?

YES: Compass Ltd produces products for children over 3 years of age. The pate could be a part of the healthy and balanced diet for kids at pre-school age, when there are intensive processes of growth and development. The intake of vitamin A, minerals and most importantly the microelement iron, helps lowering the chances of an inconsistent-feeding conditions.

What are the pate’s ingredients and how can we be sure of its quality?

The pate is prepared of liver, meat and various spices. Compass Ltd is a company which purchases raw material from licensed firms, approved by The Veterinary Public Health Unit (VPHU), with a veterinary registration number / identification number / and added to the register of approved companies. The incoming raw meat is marked with an identification number of the company alongside with documents about its origin, in accordance with Regulation 853/2004. Upon receiving the meat in the production of meat products, it is repeatedly examined according to the safety standards by specialists of the company and the food safety authority of the animal-health scheme.

Is pate a healthy food?

YES: The pate is a product which contains mineral substances – iron and phosphorus and also Vitamin A.