About Compass Kids Breakfast

We began the production of kids pates in 2010, firmly believing that we can bring joy to children with our tasty products. As parents, who wanted all that is best for their kids, and as a producer with tradition, we created the brand, actuated by our goal to make it a part of the healthy and balanced diet. With help from specialists on children nutrition, the delicious pates meet the requirements imposed on food for kids.

Compass Kids breakfast pates caress not only the physical but also the social and emotional development of our kids. Growing up in a family is essential for every child, which is why we decided to support the campaign of Foundation “For Our Children” “Mend the childhood. Become a foster-parent”, by donating a percent of the price from each sold product under the Compass Kids breakfast mark.

Compass Kids breakfast trademark will offer to its young consumers quality products, new flavours and experiences.

Compass Kids breakfast cause

We, the producers of Compass Kids breakfast and Foundation “For Our Children” know that in order for children to grow healthy and happy, they need lots of care and attention. We share the belief, that no child deserves a lonely childhood in an orphanage. This is why 5% of each purchased product’s price, under the Compass Kids breakfast mark, shall be donated to newborn babies, abandoned by their parents and also help finding a family to all children in need.

Why we should buy the Compass Kids breakfast products?

1. Compass Kids breakfast are quality products, which contain healthy ingredients.
2. By buying a product under the Compass Kids breakfast trademark, we offer our kids a variety of breakfasts.
3. The purchase of a Compass Kids breakfast product, we/you shall make a donation for a honorable cause – help abandoned babies find a foster-family, grow loved, protected and secure.